This is Milo, he was kind of a rescue, and savior. He came to me by way of my brother’s family from the Onondaga Nation. He was the center of my universe for nearly nine years from May 2008 until October 10th, 2016. At almost eleven years of age cancer entered our lives and I made the decision to put him down when his pain meds and NSAIDs could no longer help. He made my difficult decision easier by letting me know it was time. Of all the pain and hardship I ever endured in my life, I didn’t hesitate for a moment after he leaned into me and whimpered . . . this was his way of communicating to me that it was time. His absence has created a deep, dark, cavernous void that has taken meaning away from my days. He will be forever loved, as you see he was deeply loved through my images of him. The last image of him was taken on his last day before his pain became too unbearable for him to find comfort laying down and before he leaned into me, comforting me in my decision of having to let him go. I take comfort in knowing, without loss, we cannot know love–and I certainly knew unconditional love from Milo.